Fleece, swimsuit and board shorts. Enjoy surfing Liquid Mountain.

Liquid Mountain’s lightweight and wind proof performance softshell combines warmth, stretch and breathability with
water and wind protection for the perfect blend of fit and function. The Xcursion is constructed of soft, fine Italian
fabrics inside and out for comfortable movement and complete protection when you need it most.
Xtremely technical Men’s Xcursion

liquid mountain jackets

liquid mountain jackets

Its October and we are trying to get a couple more clips. It's freekin' freezing out and there's no time to deal with my dry suit before the sun drops. So I charge it with my Liquid Mountain Xcursion Softshell and shorts. A dock start, a couple cozy passes by the camera and I fall. It's pretty cold in the water. But as I get up expecting to freeze solid I'm shockingly warm, a little heavier maybe but not a lick of wind is penetrating this soggy shell and a majority of the water drains quickly. I finish up my sesh, content and noticeably warm. Now I'm not saying the softshell is functional wakeboarding attire in the water. But it served my demands, multipurposly.”

Josh Smith, Pro Wakeboarder

Sensuously technical Women’s
Action Wear

womens bikini

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“As an athlete I want to look good and feel confident in and out of the water and that's what you can expect with Liquid Mountain's keen eye for function, fit and fashion…….It's not a bad thing to want to be noticed.”

Cathy Williams, Pro Wakeboarder

'I love my Liquid Mountain Xcursion softshell, it works great. I'm never cold. I had a fabulous time wearing it at Jackson Hole and now I'm using it while jogging on the beach. It does a great job of keeping me warm and blocking the wind and moisture from the fog.'

Sonia, Santa Cruz

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